f i l m

Feature Film, CHARLIE, Pick Ups (Jamie Thraves)

Short, CHARLIE, Late (Better Late Films / Richard Elson)

Short, ANNA, Anna (Screen Academy Scotland / Christian Macdonald)

Short, CHLOE, Optimism, (Emma Miranda Moore)

Short, YOUNG WOMAN, The Projectionist (BFI / Jamie Thraves)

Short, RACHELLE, Trained (Paradox Films / Anthony Jerjen)

Feature Film, DIMA, Honeymooner (Soda pictures / Col Spector)

Feature Film, NURSE, The Boat That Rocked (Frigate Films / Richard Curtis)

Short, MOTHER, Separation (Cracked Films / Max Brill)

Short, NARRATOR, The Penny Dreadfulls of the Family Byrne, (Cracked Films / Michael Byrne and Max Brill)

Short, ALICE, Burnt Water (Stuart Strickson)

Short, WIERD SISTER, Lovebite (Stone Circle Films / James Weight)

Short Film, JUDY, People Watching (Workers Film Association / James Price)


t e l e v i s i o n &  c o m m e r c i a l

Commercial, Viva La Vulva / Bodyform (Somesuch)

Television, MS LEWIS, Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures)

Commercial (Test) HERO GIRL, A Natural Relationship (Mo Films / Sameer Patel)

Television Rehearsed Reading, MONICA, Contract (Hat Trick / Mark Talbot)

Television Pilot, CASTING ASSISTANT Steffi (Emerald Films / Richard Elson)

Television Pilot, GRACE Scrutiny (Elson Media Ltd / Richard Elson)

Television, LISA ALCROFT, Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures / Rob Rohrer)

Comedy Pilot, BARBARA, PMB (Elson Media Ltd / Richard Elson)

Music Video, GIRL, Cowbell; Hanging by a Thread (White Wolf Films / Mike O’Brien and Bart Baker)

Television, STUDENT, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (Avalon Productions / Adam Wimpenny)

Commercial, Pringles Select (Production International / Susannah Hayes)

Television, WITCH, Witch Craze (Blast! Films / James Kent)